Conference: Aesthetics and Ethics in the Digital Age

Registration is now open for the British Society of Aesthetics conference “Aesthetics and Ethics in the Digital Age.” The conference will be a ‘hybrid’ conference, taking place in person and online via Zoom. Date: 6th to the 8th July, 2021. … Read More

Call for Papers: “The political is symbolic” (Materia di Esthetica)

Materiali di Estetica n. 8.2 (December 2021) – “The political is symbolic” The use of symbolic forms of expression has been claimed as a fundamental tool for political reflection, from the expedient of Platonic myth in the Republic to Isaiah Berlin’s … Read More

Call for Papers – Special Issue on Art and Morality: Contemporary Problems (British Journal of Aesthetics)

Deadline for submission: December 1st, 2021 The interaction between moral and aesthetic / artistic evaluation (or lack thereof) has been a lively topic of discussion in philosophical aesthetics during the past few decades and it is becoming even more relevant in … Read More

Call for Papers: Fact, Fiction, and Narration (Aesthetic Education through Narrative Art Annual Conference 2021)

The Department of Philosophy (University of Rijeka) and Croatian Society for Analytic Philosophy issue a CFP for the international conference to be held on September 22nd and 23rd 2021, online. We invite scholars working in aesthetics, philosophy of art and … Read More

Call for Papers: Dubrovnik Philosophy of Art Conference 2021

The annual Philosophy of Art conference moves online this year, and will take place over two days, Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th April 2021. Speakers from Croatia, Canada, the US and the UK discuss a range of issues in the … Read More

Call for Papers: Higher Order Evidence in Aesthetics (British Journal of Aesthetics)

CFP for a Special Issue on Higher-Order Evidence in Aesthetics | British Journal of Aesthetics. Deadline for submission: October 18th, 2021 Ananya dislikes a film but has reason to think that her aversion is the result of prejudice. Betty prefers … Read More

Call for Papers: ‘Debates in Aesthetics’ General 2021 issue.

The editors of ‘Debates in Aesthetics’ are pleased to invite submissions for the General 2021 issue (Vol.18, No. 1). DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 31 July 2021 For this issue we welcome original articles, book reviews, and interviews from postgraduate and professional … Read More

Call for Papers: Art and Morality

The Zeitschrift für Ästhetik und Allgemeine Kunstwissenschaft (ZÄK), founded in 1906 by Max Dessoir and re-founded in 1966, is one of the oldest peer-reviewed journals for aesthetics and the theory of art. In its 67th year, it addresses the relationship between art and morality. … Read More

Call for Papers: Aesthetics and World-Making

A special issue of ENRAHONAR: An international journal of theoretical and practical reason ed. by Adam Andrzejewski Aesthetics is often perceived as something detached from the world we live in. Although beauty and sublime make the world a more desired … Read More

Call for Papers: Bodies of Artifacts

The Journal of Somaesthetics, vol. 7 no. 2 (2021) Guest editor: Adam Andrzejewski The relationship between the human body and cultural artifacts, such as design artifacts, artworks, and religious artifacts, is both fascinating and peculiar. For example, various art forms depict human and non-human bodies or … Read More

CALL FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST: Postgraduate Aesthetics Workshop

Scottish Aesthetics Forum Since the beginning of the pandemic, many of the smaller conferences in aesthetics have not taken place due to restrictions on gatherings. These smaller conferences have been important forums where postgrads have had the opportunity to present … Read More

Upcoming Events from The Aesthetics Research Centre

Tuesday 23 March, 5-7pm. Book Symposium on Satire, Comedy and Mental Health with Dieter Declercq (Lecturer in Film and Media Studies, Kent), Heike Bartel (Associate Professor in German, Nottingham), Daniel Flavin-Hall (Consultant & Professor of Psychiatry, Mayo Clinic, Rochester Minnesota), Sheila Lintott (Professor of Philosophy, Bucknell) & Orla Vigsö (Professor of Media … Read More

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