Legend has it that the British Society of Aesthetics (BSA) was founded in 1960 so that Herbert Read could lead a delegation of British Aestheticians to the International Congress on Aesthetics being held in Athens that year.

Its declared foundational aim is to promote study, research and discussion of the fine arts and related types of experience from a philosophical, psychological, sociological, historical, critical and educational standpoint.

The Society’s activities include publication of The British Journal of Aesthetics, Debates in Aesthetics (formerly The Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics), a newsletter, an annual conference, regional conferences, lecture series, grants to support research in aesthetics, and an essay prize.

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Stacie Friend (Birkbeck)

Catharine Abell (Oxford)

Lee Walters (Southampton)

BJA Editors:

Paloma Atencia Linares (UNED)
Derek Matravers (Open University)

BJA Reviews Editor:
Hans Maes (Kent)

Ordinary Members:

Adriana Clavel-Vazquez (Tilburg)
Daisy Dixon (Cardiff)
Andrew Huddleston (Warwick)
Clare Mac Cumhaill (Durham)
Panos Paris (Cardiff)
Karen Simecek (Warwick)
Maarten Steenhagen (Uppsala)
Dawn Wilson (Hull)
Mark Windsor (Masaryk)

Appointed member of Grants Committee
Lisa Jones (St Andrews)

Appointed member of the Trustees Committee for Equity & Diversity
Nils-Hennes Stear (Hamburg)

Post Holders:

Caroline Auty
Alice Dickinson

Website Manager
Maarten Steenhagen (Uppsala)

Postgraduate Journal Editors
Harry Drummond (Liverpool)
Sarah Kiernan (Birkbeck)