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‘Time for Beauty’ | a Virtual Conference sponsored by the BSA

May – June 2023
Organised by Vanessa Brassey (KCL)

Announcing a Broadcast Virtual Conference ‘Time for Beauty’, sponsored by a British Society of Aesthetics small grant award 2022-3.  

Venue: Online access by request here https://forms.gle/tBAo8R2rRcHjxRMx6

The organisers are delighted to invite registrations to join a virtual conference exploring the intriguing relationship between time and the aesthetic qualities of still pictures.  

‘Time for Beauty’ will be broadcast in 3 episodes (each approximately 30 minutes) and is generously sponsored by a British Society of Aesthetics Small Grant award (2022-3). The films are hosted online with access provided following registration (form online at https://forms.gle/tBAo8R2rRcHjxRMx6)


The temporal aspect of static pictures has been relatively neglected in the philosophy of art. In this workshop, we bring together researchers from a broad spectrum of philosophical disciplines, art critics, and artists to illuminate the aesthetic temporal qualities of static paintings and photographs. 

A 1 minute introductory film can be viewed at https://youtu.be/Le8TgYjucKw

Time For Beauty is curated into three episodes:

Episode 1 – “Time for Depiction” 

Speaker presentations (10 minutes) 
Dr Emily Thomas (Durham)
Professor Robert Hopkins (NYU)
Martin Gayford (Art Critic)

Commentary (2 minutes)
Dr Alex Franklin (King’s College London)
Artist David Hockney 
Artist Noah Saterstrom  (Mississippi)

Episode 2 – “Time for Musical Pictures”  

Speaker presentations (10 minutes) 
Dr Jenny Judge (NYU)
Dr Victor Dura Vila (Leeds)

Dr David Collins (Oxford)
Nicola Durvasula and Anna Phoebe
Michelle Langer

Episode 3 – “Time for Expressiveness” 

Speaker presentations (10 minutes) 
Dr Caitlin Dolan (Berkley)
Dr Dawn Wilson (Hull)
Dr Vanessa Brassey (King’s College London)

Professor Matt Soteriou (King’s College London)
Artist Noah Saterstrom (Mississippi)
Artist David Hockney.

Register to watch at  https://forms.gle/tBAo8R2rRcHjxRMx6