Conference report

The BSA Lecture Series 2013-2014

The BSA sponsored six lectures on Aesthetics (broadly construed), held in Darwin College Cambridge, between November 2013 and May 2014. The speakers were Jason Gaiger (Head of the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford), Alana Jelinek (Artist in Residence, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge), Peter Kivy (Rutgers University), Alexandra Drysdale (Artist), Kathleen Stock (University of Sussex), and Jerrold Levinson (University of Maryland). The talk by Alexandra Drysdale was held in conjunction with The Friends of Kettle’s Yard.

A distinctive feature of the series was that it attempted to bring together people from different disciplinary perspectives, and, in this respect as in others, it was a great success. It also drew people from outside Cambridge, including visitors from London and across East Anglia (and from New York – Lydia Goehr dropped by while visiting her family in Cambridge).

Derek Matravers
Professor of Philosophy, The Open University.
Media Fellow, Arts Faculty.


Photograph: Peter Trimming