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Online Workshop: “Words, Voices, Bodies.”

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11-12th of January (1pm-6pm GMT) on Teams

The workshop will bring together philosophers who work on art, poetry, literature, language, voice, theatre and dance to explore the following issues:

• What is the voice and how does it relate to the body?

• Who gets to speak on behalf of others? Is ‘speaking on behalf of’ ethically problematic?

• Are there issues of appropriation of words/expression/utterance?

• What role does the body play in meaning-making and interpretation of an artwork or performance? How does the voice and body affect the meaning of words?

• What happens when we speak the words of/perform movements of another, where meaning-making is shaped (in part) by features associated with the body?

• Is the audio text separable from the body text in a performance?

• What does it mean to be seen and be heard? What demands are placed on the reader/audience?

• Is the relationship between reader/audience and artist/performer an ethical one?

• Can re-voicing/re-performing works of art (e.g. poetry performed by different people) build communities?

Confirmed speakers: Maria Jose Alcaraz Leon, Elisabeth Camp,  Aurelie Debaene, John Gibson, Hannah Kim, Alice Lagaay, Anna Pakes, Anna Christina Ribeiro, and Tzachi Zamir. In addition, Prof. Simecek will be sharing a Poetic Manifesto ‘We must become more than strangers’ by Selina Nwulu that captures a group of poet’s reflections on voice in writing for communities.

If you would like to attend please email Professor Karen Simecek at k.d.simecek@warwick.ac.uk to receive the full workshop programme and joining instructions.