The American Society for Aesthetics, the British Society of Aesthetics, and the Kent Aesthetics Research Centre are pleased to announce the 2022 Virtual Summer Aesthetics Festival to enable persons interested in aesthetics to share work-in-progress with other such scholars for dialogue and discussion. This service will be offered from May through August 2022.  Responsibility for oversight of the program will rest with a committee consisting of designated representatives of the ASA, BSA, and Kent Centre.

Eligibility to present at the Festival: All presenters, including papers, panels, commentators, and chairs, must be members of either the ASA or the BSA in 2022.

What ASA/BSA members need to provide:

  • A paper or panel presentation arranged by the ASA/BSA member to be live-streamed on Zoom, or a comparable vehicle widely available via Internet at no charge for persons interested in viewing; in case of panels, the planned presentation should include commentators and chair. Ordinarily, the session should not be for more than 90 mins for a paper with discussion, or two hours for a panel.
  • You should submit a substantial abstract of the proposal (at least 500 words) or the complete paper suitable for review. We reserve the right to require the complete paper, as needed to adequately review.
  • A specific date and time when the live stream will be available, with scheduling to be as accommodating as possible to persons in North America, Europe, and Asia. Please allow sufficient time: at least two weeks for review and another two weeks for publicity.
  • The organizer/presenter should use their own Zoom account for the presentation. (The committee will consider hardship requests for ASA or BSA to host the session on their Society Zoom accounts.)
  • Information on how to access or sign up, depending on the medium used, with appropriate security measures. Security might require registering with the presenter. We strongly discourage open publication of the Zoom address to prevent “Zoom-bombers.”
  • Information on how to obtain a copy of the paper in advance of the session, if the member wishes to make that available.

How to apply:

What ASA/BSA/Kent will do:

  • Provide review to ensure that the presentation is appropriate for distribution by ASA/BSA/Kent as part of the Virtual Summer Aesthetics Festival
    • Any paper or panel accepted by the program committee for the 2021 ASA Annual Meeting but which could not be presented due to COVID will be automatically considered appropriate for inclusion, although the originally scheduled commentator and chair need not be included.
    • For others, representatives of ASA/BSA/Kent will arrange for a review for appropriateness
    • The goal is to screen out material inappropriate for publicity by ASA/BSA/Kent, such as scammers, material unrelated to aesthetics, etc.
  • Distribute a list of available presentations with names of presenters, titles of presentations, time and date of presentation, access information
    • The list would be distributed weekly or bi-weekly, depending on interest, to ASA bulk email, web page, ASA-Facebook, Twitter, and Philos-L, the BSA publicity mechanisms, and the Kent publicity mechanisms