CFPs: Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics

The Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics (since 1977) is pleased to announce that it is bringing out soon a Special Issue on Somaesthetics (in two volumes, theory and applications) to felicitate Prof. Richard Shusterman on his 70th birth anniversary. Many eminent scholars like Thomas W. … Read More

CFP: Design Culture and Somaesthetics

In the recent past, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research has provided remarkable progress and development within the humanities and social sciences. The early phase of this development witnessed preliminary dialogues between separate disciplines and their representatives who have gathered to discuss … Read More

CFP: Dreams of Birth and Death

International Conference hosted by the DFG-funded Research Training Group “European Dream Cultures” (GRK 2021) 21 – 23 March 2018 at Saarland University Dreams of Birth and Death: Liminal Bodily Experiences in Dreams: Literature, the Fine Arts, Theatre, Music and Film … Read More

CFP: Bodies of Care: Somaesthetics of Vulnerability

The Center for Body, Mind, and Culture invites proposals for papers to be presented at a two-day conference, January 28–29, 2016, at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton. Bodies are obviously the targets of one’s daily care in terms of personal … Read More

CFP: Bodies of Belief

Human bodies are shaped not only by their genetic endowment but also by the belief systems of the cultures in which they develop and function. Such belief systems vary from unarticulated background assumptions to ritualized practices and explicit doctrines or … Read More