For or Against Emotion in Music?

Centre for Philosophical Psychology (University of Antwerp) and Ghent Aesthetics Research Group (Ghent University) present Jenefer Robinson (Cincinnati) and Nick Zangwill (Hull). In her book “Deeper than Reason”, Jenefer Robinson argues that emotion plays  a significant role in our appreciation of … Read More

Art, Language, Poetry: From Kant to Heidegger

University of Kent, 10-11 September 2014 Keynotes: Stephen Mulhall (Oxford) Tanja Staehler (Sussex) This is the first postgraduate conference on aesthetics, philosophy of poetry and language in the Post-Kantian tradition. It revisits a tradition in which aesthetics, philosophy of language … Read More

Thinking Out Loud: The Sydney Lectures in Philosophy and Society

Philosophy@UWS, in collaboration with Fordham University Press, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the State Library of New South Wales warmly invite you to the 2014 “Thinking Out Loud: The Sydney Lectures in Philosophy and Society.” This year’s lectures, titled The … Read More

Aesthetic Normativity

University of Uppsala (Sweden), 10-11 October 2014 Call for papers (deadline 1 April 2014) Speakers: Simon Blackburn (Cambridge) Paul Guyer (Brown) Hannah Ginsborg (UC Berkeley) Peter Railton (Michigan) Jenefer Robinson (Cincinnati) Nick Zangwill (Hull) The normative force of aesthetic perception, … Read More

Third Dubrovnik Conference on the Philosophy of Art

Inter-University Centre in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 21-25 April, 2014 The conference runs along similar lines to the Dubrovnik Philosophy of Science Conference held earlier in April each year. This means that we shall not be asking those wishing to attend for … Read More

Blade Runner Workshop

University of York, 10-11 April You are warmly invited to the third and final workshop of the AHRC-funded project “Cognitive and Aesthetic Values in Cultural Artefacts”. The project, led by Greg Currie and Peter Lamarque (University of York) examines the … Read More

Big Ruins: The Aesthetics and Politics of Supersized Decay

  University of Manchester 14 May, 2014. Limited places remaining (for attendees only) Attendees are invited to book a place on the following event. Tickets are limited, and available via Eventbrite: As global capitalism intensifies its hold on the … Read More

Conference on Art and Morality – A Human Endeavor

June 4-5, 2014, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary Organized by the research group What is it to be human? Keynote speaker: Jesse Prinz, CUNY, New York The conference investigates the current philosophical discussions about the various connections between art and … Read More

Critical Time in Modern German Literature and Culture

University of Nottingham, 11-12 July 2014 The emergence of the modern sense of critical time that Reinhart Koselleck defined as the „Verzeitlichung“ (temporalization) of all areas of human knowledge around 1800, of subjectivity, history and nature in the modern experience … Read More

Peter Kivy – Criticism, Communication, Conversation, Craft

4.30-6pm, 26 March 2014, Heythrop College (Room TBC) Followed by a wine reception Abstract In an essay that has become something of a classic in the literature, Noel Carroll expressed the happy thought that “When we read a literary text … Read More

Catherine Wilson – The Doors of Perception and the Artist Within

Third Annual Marc Jeannerod Lecture March 20, 4-6pm, Centre for Philosophical Psychology, University of Antwerp Discussions of aesthetic experience from a naturalistic perspective have almost always begun from the standpoint of a perceiver confronting the external world of people, places, … Read More

Dr Barbara Underwood – Creativity and Invisibility: Gender and Music

Royal Institute of Philosophy Public Lecture St Mary’s University, Wednesday 26th March 2014 5.15-6.45pm followed by a drinks reception Senior Common Room, St Mary’s University, Twickenham Abstract Jacques Attali wrote that “… naturalization is one of the functions of ideology. … Read More

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