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Everyday Aesthetics | Call for Papers

Aesthetic Investigations, Volume VII (issue 2), to appear December 2024. Published on behalf of the Dutch Association of Aesthetics.

Guest editors: Mateusz Salwa and Adam Andrzejewski

Deadline for submissions: 15 June 2024.

Conceived of as all that is banal, ordinary, routine, etc., we typically associate “the everyday” with environments, objects or events that are so familiar and are experienced so directly that they appear necessarily real. This is how aesthetics has tended to approach the everyday. Despite the philosophy of art’s interest in, among other things, questions of artistic or literary fiction, the field of everyday aesthetics has been confined to what is given here and now. It seems, however, that such a perspective should be broadened in such a way as to cover all that belongs to everyday life, including events that absent, yet are closely linked to the unreal, that is to the imaginary. Not only does the everyday define that which exists at present, but it also influences our fears, hopes, desires and fantasies; that is, factors decisive for how we imagine the past and the future. This sort of imaginary everyday may be expressed in various ways – as artistic, cinematic or literary representations – either as utopian or dystopian. It may include a Sci Fi-like visions of the future, or it may show up as events dominated by a climate, economic or demographic crisis. No matter the “look,” “feel” or sense of the imaginary or fictitious everyday has, it impacts the real everyday, since such factors, however imaginary, shape our everyday life. Moreover, if the everyday surrounding us has an important aesthetic aspect, as everyday aesthetics claims, then the imaginary or fictitious everyday must be equally impactful. Hence, the organisers invite papers that reflect upon such issues as:

  • aesthetic experience of the imaginary or fictitious everyday
  • ontology and aesthetics of the imaginary or fictitious everyday
  • impact of imaginary the fictious everyday on the aesthetic experience of the real everyday
  • relationships between the imaginary or fictitious everyday and the real everyday
  • the everyday in cinema, literature, comic books and other art forms
  • the everyday as a Sci Fi, fantasy or horror motif
  • the imaginary everyday and escapism
  • the imaginary everyday as a utopia or dystopia
  • the imaginary everyday and emotions

You can submit here.