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CFA: ‘Beauty and Goodness: Exploring the Intersection’

University of Southampton, 19th and 20th of September, 2019
This two day conference is a collaboration between the European Commission-funded research project Art and Ethics and the Aesthetics and Ethics Research Group. It will take place on the 19th and 20th of September 2019 at the University of Southampton.
The conference’s aim is to get ethicists to think about issues in aesthetics and aestheticians to think about those in ethics, or something in between the two sub-disciplines, in the hope of setting a precedent of mutually beneficial exchanges. Possible issues the conference may address include, but are not limited to:

The relationship between aesthetic and ethical value in the arts

Similarities and differences between virtue theoretic approaches to both fields

The role of aesthetic considerations to living well, doing good, or right action

Meta-normative questions about the (dis)unity of the different values

The confirmed keynote speakers are Prof Paul C. Taylor and Prof Heather Widdows.
The organisers are pleased to invite abstracts sufficiently in keeping with this aim of no more than 1,000 words. Abstracts should:
Outline the paper’s principal argument(s)
Give a good sense of the paper’s philosophical contribution(s).
Be anonymized.
Papers should be suitable for a 35-minute presentation, followed by 30 minutes for discussion.

Please submit your abstract to artandethics@soton.ac.uk with the subject heading ‘Beauty and Goodness’. The deadline is the 7th June, 2019. Potential applicants with doubts about the suitability of their paper may contact us at artandethics@soton.ac.uk.
The conference will cover the cost of travel for authors without access to relevant research funds, and up to three nights’ accommodation where the cost of this would be otherwise prohibitive. We will also aim to provide and pay for authors’ childcare, should it be required, through the University of Southampton’s Early Years Centre. Applicants should inform The organisers of their eligibility for support once their papers have been accepted. Authors who are unable to participate in person, will be invited to participate remotely via video-conferencing software.
The organisers sincerely encourage participants from groups whose voices are disproportionately excluded from philosophical discourse to submit abstracts.

The conference is being organized in accordance with the BPA/SWIP’s Good Practice Scheme and their Guidelines for Accessible Conferences.
Accessibility Information
The organisers aim to make this conference as accessible as possible, in line with the SWIP/BPA guidance for accessible conferences. While the precise venue is yet to be confirmed, the organisers anticipate that the event will take place in Building 65, Avenue Campus, Highfield Road, Southampton, SO17 1BF, and that…
The organisers will be able to provide a hearing loop if it is required.
The organisers will be able to permit service animals to attend.
The venue will be wheelchair accessible.
The venue will have nearby accessible toilets.
The organisers will be able to provide a quiet room if it is required.
The venue will have available seating.
There will be nearby parking to all venues.
There will be at least a 15 minute break between each 70 minute session.
The organisers will be able to permit written, rather than spoken, questions during discussion.
Accessibility information about the building (Building 65) can be found here: https://www.accessable.co.uk/venues/building-65-parkes