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Aesthetics of Consciousness | Call for Abstracts

Rice University’s Global Center in Paris, France, will be holding a conference on the “Aesthetics of Consciousness” on 12-13 April 2024.

Questions to be covered include whether conscious experiences are legitimate objects of aesthetic appreciation, whether conscious experiences can be beautiful, compelling, or otherwise aesthetically valuable, and whether consciousness as such might be somehow aesthetically valuable. The conference will feature invited talks by Robert Hopkins, Elisabeth Schellenkens, and Enrico Terrone. We have free slots for four more talks, to be selected from submissions.

Please submit an abstract of 500-750 words to theuriah@gmail.com by Dec. 18, with the subject line “aesthetics of consciousness submission”.  

The conference is paired with a twin conference on the “ethics of consciousness,” to be held in the same venue on 10-11 April. Participants would be welcome to attend both conferences if they wish.