» » Yearbook of the International Association for Aesthetics (IAA) Volume 19, 2017 (Available Online)

Yearbook of the International Association for Aesthetics (IAA) Volume 19, 2017 (Available Online)

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Yearbook of the International Association for Aesthetics (IAA) Volume 19, 2017

“Retracing the past. Historical continuity in aesthetics from a global perspective”
Edited by Zoltán Somhegyi

The book is downloadable from the website of the IAA:


  • Introduction
  • The paradox of mimesis. In connection with Aristotle Béla Bacsó.
  • Reflections on the subject of Antiquity and the future Raffaele Milani
  • Contemplation or manipulation? Aesthetic perspectives on nature and animals from Shaftesbury to bio-art Karl Axelsson & Camilla Flodin
  • The Painter in the landscape. Aesthetic considerations on a pictorial sub-genre Zoltán Somhegyi
  • Jan Gwalbert Pawlikowski. A forerunner of landscape aesthetics Mateusz Salwa
  • Mis-construction: Changes in the arts and aesthetics East and West Curtis Carter
  • The woman-and-tree motif in the ancient and contemporary India Marzenna Jakubczak
  • Semiology and/or anthropology of Western painting Miško Šuvaković
  • A great future behind us. Exploded traditions, avant-garde pasts Tyrus Miller
  • Successiveness and simultaneity in 20th century aesthetics. Two models of “post-historical” art Rodrigo Duarte
  • Robert Motherwell and John Constable. Intra-subjectivity and time as determinants of serial painting in American Abstract Expressionism and British Romanticist landscape painting Manfred Milz
  • The Body of Evidence? From Danto to Kant and back Zoltán Papp
  • Making history through anachronic imagining. Notes on art history and temporal complexities of the present Jacob Lund
  • Aesthetics in cyberspace. Contemporary mass culture and Korean Pop Jiun Lee-Whitaker
  • Rock me Amadeus. A lowbrow reading of high culture – or how to deal with high cultured appropriation? Max Ryynänen
  • The renewal of the past towards the future. The case of Jean Nouvel’s architecture Jale Erzen
  • Katsuhiro Miyamoto’s The Fukushima No. 1. Nuclear Power Plant Shrine “Acting-out” and “working-through”. Yoshiko Suzuki
  • Tokyo, the versatile city. Glimpses between postmodernity and tradition Federico Farnè

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