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Women in Philosophy: A Mentoring and Networking Workshop

22nd–23rd June 2015, Humanities Research Centre, University of York

Registration is now open for the SWIP-associated mentoring and networking workshop for graduate and early career women in philosophy. We invite women to register for the workshop by Monday 1st June (all those who self-identify as women are women). We aim to be as inclusive as possible: women in need of any disability accommodation should not hesitate to get in touch. The workshop venue is fully wheelchair accessible.

Registration Fee (including coffees, lunches, and wine reception):

Full registration: £25

Workshop dinner: £25 extra (places very limited)

To register visit: http://store.york.ac.uk/browse/product.asp?compid=1&modid=1&catid=394

More information can be found at: http://yorkswip2015.weebly.com

The facebook event can be joined at: http://www.facebook.com/events/599860713450643/

Aims of the Workshop

This workshop will be the first of its kind in the UK, roughly following the example set by Princeton University’s Networking and Mentoring Workshop for Graduate Women in Philosophy held in August 2014.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together graduate and early career women in philosophy from a selection of philosophical areas in order to offer support and encouragement to develop a thriving community of women in philosophy.

The workshop will provide graduate and early career women with feedback on their work and advice on a career in philosophy. Alongside the philosophical talks, there will be presentations discussing a wide range of issues facing women in philosophy. We hope that a consequence of the workshop will be an enhanced support network, which will encourage more women into the discipline.

Elizabeth Burns, Heather Logue, Penelope Mackie, L. A. Paul, Hanna Pickard, Jennifer Saul, and Kathleen Stock.

Career speakers
Jules Holroyd, Elizabeth McKinnell, Louise Richardson, Jennifer Saul, Ema Sullivan-Bissett, and Helen Yetter-Chappell.


Monday 22nd June

09:00 – Registration and coffee

09:30 – Welcome

09:35 – Jennifer Saul: ‘Women in Philosophy: How the Profession is Improving’

10:15 – Mary Edwards: ‘Can we Resurrect the Author without Calling Upon Intention?’

11:15 – Coffee

11:45 – Anna Ichino: ‘False Believers?’

12:45 – Lunch

13:45 – Chris Meyns: ‘The Transformation Game’

14:45 – Coffee

15:15 – Naomi Thompson: ‘Grounding and Metaphysical Explanation’

16:15 – Before the Permanent Job [panel: Elizabeth McKinnell, Louise Richardson, Ema Sullivan-Bissett]

17:15 – Concurrent mentoring sessions: Aesthetics, Philosophy of Psychology, Decision Theory, Metaphysics.

18:15 – Wine reception

19:30 – Workshop dinner

Tuesday 23rd June

09:00 – Jules Holroyd: Applying for Grants

09:45 – Laura Frances Callahan: ‘Evil: Only Sometimes Evidence Against God’

10:45 – Coffee

11:15 – Umrao Sethi: ‘Over-Determined Appearances: Berkeley and the Argument from Hallucination’

12:15 – Lunch

13:15 – Natalie Ashton: ‘Feminist Epistemology as Mainstream’

14:15 – Coffee

14:45 – Julia Langkau: ‘Learning from Fiction’

15:45 – Helen Yetter-Chappell: The US job market

16:30 – Concurrent mentoring sessions: Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Perception, Feminist Epistemology, Aesthetics.

17:30 – Workshop close

Workshop Support
For financial support we are very grateful to the Analysis Trust, the British Society of Aesthetics, The British Society for the Philosophy of Science, the Department of Philosophy at the University of York, the Mind Association, Project PERFECT, and the Society for Women in Philosophy UK.

Any queries should be sent to the organisers, Helen Bradley, Suki Finn, and Ema Sullivan-Bissett, at: yorkswip2015@gmail.com