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Truth, Image, Normativity

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The conference ‘Truth, Image, Normativity’ focuses on the philosophy of image, both as cognitive image (mnemonic representations, images in metaphors and figurative languages), and as graphic image (graphic representations, drawings). Reflection on figurative languages and visual non-linguistic communication leads us to reformulate in new ways the great questions about traditional notions like truth, objectivity, normativity, consensus and persuasion that have been central in different disciplinary contexts (epistemology of natural sciences, epistemology of social sciences, philosophy of law, and aesthetics). In particular, the main topics (both
epistemological and ontological) that will be the focus of the conference can be divided into two fundamental areas of interest. The first area focuses on the relation between image and truth, and especially on the role
of images (both cognitive and graphic) in history and natural sciences. The second area deals with the relation between image and normativity, especially granting privileged status to the analysis of normative images and to the normative force of images.

Pier Luigi Lecis, Giuseppe Lorini, Vinicio Busacchi, Pietro Salis, Olimpia Loddo

Call for papers:
Post-doc researchers and doctoral candidates in philosophy are hereby encouraged to submit an abstract (in Italian or English), suitable for a blind review, not exceeding 1,500 characters (spaces included) which should be suitable for a presentation of approximately 20 minutes in length (plus 10 minutes discussion) in the following areas of interest: Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of
History, Ontology, Social Ontology. Please submit your abstract with a biographical note and a short CV attached in a separate document at truthimagenormativity@gmail.com until June 30, 2014.

Submission deadline: June 30, 2014
Notification deadline: July 20, 2014

For any further information please contact: Pietro Salis psalis@unica.it