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Seminar: ‘What’s Getting Us Through’ – Rosie Findlay.

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The Aesthetics Research Centre at the University of Kent warmly invites you to its upcoming autumn research seminar.

Weds 30 November, 4pm, Jarman Studio 5 (+ Teams link to follow).

In this paper I examine the changes wrought to women’s/lifestyle media during the coronavirus pandemic. Closely analysing several issues of Grazia UK from the first UK lockdown, I argue that the societal and affective disorientation of the  pandemic allowed this magazine to do genuine political work – critiquing the government, advocating for non-capitalist subjectivities and forms of community work – which is normally absent from such publications due to their imbrication in commercial logics and industries. At the same time, fashion was reframed as a tool to navigate the affective uncertainties of the pandemic, offering levity (comfort, play) and escape (dreaming of better days to come) which shows us how closely woven fashion is with affect and mood. 

Teams link available for those wishing to join online to follow. If you plan to attend in person, please let Murray Smith know, as space is limited: mss@kent.ac.uk