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Scottish Aesthetics Forum: Painting with Impossible Colours (Michael Newall)


The lecture is free and open to all!

Abstract: “Impossible colours are mixtures of hues that do not appear on the colour wheel. They are widely taken to be impossible to mix, experience or even imagine. This paper draws on art and science to explore the idea that in fact painters can and do ‘paint’ with impossible colours.”

About the speaker: Michael Newall is the Director of Learning & Teaching for the School of Arts and Director of the MA in Philosophy of Art & Aesthetics at the University of Kent. His background in art reaches across practice and theory, criticism and curation, and philosophy and history. He has particular interest in visual art and contemporary art and has written on such topics as depiction, transparency, and seeing-in, among others. Currently, Michael is developing an account of contemporary art school education.

Additional information: The lecture will be followed by a dinner with our speaker. If you would like to attend the dinner, please contact the organisers by 3 December.

*** There are limited funds to cover dinner expenses for two students, offered on a first-come-first-served basis. ***

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