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Re-imagining human through the practice of dialogue

University of Leuven, 18-20 September 2014

Panel-convenor: Marije Altorf

The notion of dialogue denotes a range of diverse practices. Dialogues have been proven to be the means of averting disaster between warring parties, but the promise of dialogue has also been an empty gesture. Dialogues were central to the teaching of the Academy and a variation of these has seen become again widely practiced in the 20th century. What is it to have a genuine dialogue? And what does practice presuppose or reveal about our humanity?

This panel proposes to consider the conference theme of re-imagining human through the practice of dialogue. It welcomes contributions that address the questions through their own practice of dialogue.

Please send proposals of no more than 300 words to marije.altorf@smuc.ac.uk before 30 April, 2014.

For further information concerning this panel, please contact the panel convenor. For more information on the conference, consult the ISRL website: www.isrlc.org.