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Call for papers for special issue on Musical Imagery
The journal Psychomusicology: Music, Mind and Brain (PMMB) encourages submissions on the theme of “Musical Imagery” for a special issue planned for publication in June 2015. This call for papers is stimulated by the growinginterest in both voluntary and involuntary experiences of imagining music. The guest editor is Freya Bailes.
Psychomusicology: Music, Mind and Brain is a journal of research in music cognition and reports important new scientific work in the area of music and cognitive science, neuroscience, and cognitive musicology. The journal was established in 1981. The current editor is Annabel J. Cohen, and Associate Editors are W. J. Dowling, Lauren Stewart, and Renee Timmers. As of July 2011, the American Psychological Association is the publisher of the journal, and every published article is included in PsycINFO(r) and PsycARTICLES(r), the world’s most comprehensive and widely used psychological databases. Published articles will be available to a global audience of over 3,000 institutions and 40 million potential users.

Submissions will be considered for publication related to all aspects of musical imagery, conceived as mentally experiencing music by imagining its properties. For example, topics may include mental rehearsal, earworms, or musical imagery as it relates tocomposition, aural training, modes of mental representation, performance, sensorimotor theories, or memory for music. Papers commenting on involuntary occurrences of musical imagery and their relationship to voluntary occurrences, or interrogating their cognitive control, would be welcome, as would cognitivemodels of any aspect of musical imagery. Submissions might include empirical or review articles addressing the methodological challenges associated with studying inner experience.
Preference is given to articles with a clear empirical component – whether including hypotheses testing, model building, or a review of empirical work. Theoretical and speculative articles are welcome provided they contribute to the forming of empirically testable hypotheses, models or theories, or they provide critiques of methodology. The journal will also consider short reports (approximately 2000 words) in addition to articles.
Submission procedure for the special issue:
Expression of intent before February 26, 2014
Please e-mail Freya Bailes (F.Bailes@hull.ac.uk) and include:

·      “PMMB: Expression of intent” in subject heading

·      Extended preliminary abstract of proposed main research paper:

o   Word document (up to one page in length)

o   Margins: 3 cm on all sides

o   Font: Times 12pt

·      Name(s) and affiliation(s) of author(s)

Submission of full paper before June 2, 2014
Please submit your full paper through the journal’s website and in accordance with the instructions to authors found on the portal: http://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/pmu/index.aspx
The standard review procedure will be followed in considering acceptability of the submissions for publication. Please identify that your manuscript is for the special issue in your cover letter.
Contact Information of Guest Editor:
Dr. Freya Bailes
School of Drama, Screen and Music
University of Hull
01482 466398