Creativity in Art, Science, and Mind took place over July 26 and 27 at the University of
Cambridge, and attracted approximately 50 participants, mostly from Cambridge and around the
UK. A few traveled from as far as Singapore and Australia. The first day emphasised the power of
creativity, with papers on the value and limits of creativity (Matthew Kieran, Stacie Friend),
prospects for creativity in musical A.I. (Caterina Moruzzi), and creativity in the sciences (Alice
Murphy, Julia Sánchez-Dorado). The second day began with a session that emphasised the
comparative method, with papers on creativity and technology (Marta Halina), psychology (Henry
Shevlin) and evolution (Anton Killin). The final session comprised papers explicating creativity in
several of its various guises: artistic creative agency (Claire Anscomb), group creativity (Berys
Gaut), and non-agential creativity (Adrian Currie). Papers were chaired by Killin, Currie, and
Natasha Lushetich. The conference organisers (Killin and Currie) are currently finding a venue for a
special issue of articles drawn from the papers presented at this conference.

The organisers made every effort to ensure that the conference was able to facilitate the needs of
a wide and diverse array of participants at every career stage.
Of the 11 speakers, 6 were women.