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Matthew Kieran Named Wollheim Lecturer for 2021

The American Society for Aesthetics and the British Society of Aesthetics are pleased to announce that Matthew Kieran will be the Richard Wollheim Lecturer at the 79th ASA Annual Meeting in Montreal, November 17-20, 2021.

Professor Kieran is Professor of Philosophy and the Arts at Leeds University, UK. He earned his Ph.D. in the Department of Moral Philosophy, University of St. Andrews, prior to which he graduated from the University of Bristol with a degree in Philosophy (switching from Philosophy and Psychology in his third year).

For more information about Professor Kieran, click here.

For more information about Richard Wollheim (1923-2003), click here.

The Richard Wollheim Lecture is jointly sponsored with the British Society of Aesthetics. The ASA nominates a lecturer to speak at the BSA annual meeting in even years and the BSA nominates a lecturer to speak at the ASA annual meeting in odd years.

Previous Wollheim Lecturers:

  • 2009: Peter Lamarque
  • 2010: Noël Carroll
  • 2011: Berys Gaut
  • 2012: Kendall Walton
  • 2013: Gregory Currie
  • 2014: Jenefer Robinson
  • 2015: Catherine Wilson
  • 2016: Susan Feagin
  • 2017: Derek Matravers
  • 2018: Carolyn Korsmeyer
  • 2019: Eileen John
  • 2020: Yuriko Saito

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