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In Celebration of Peter Lamarque

A British Society of Aesthetics/University of York Conference 

5 – 6 July
University of York, Room ENV/005

On the occasion of Peter Lamarque’s retirement from York, there will be a full-on philosophical celebration of his work. Both long-time interlocutors and early-career researchers will engage with ideas and issues in Peter’s remarkable oeuvre.  Please follow this link to register: tinyurl.com/PeterLamarqueConference 

Note that spaces at the dinner are limited (and at the guest’s expense) – please follow the instructions at the link to sign up if you wish to join us for dinner.


Day 1 – Wednesday 5 July

11.30   Eileen John (Warwick)  
‘Style and Personality in the Philosophical Work’ 

12.30   Andriy Bilenkyy (Toronto) 
‘Between Fictions and Functions: Lamarque and Olsen on Thematic Aboutness’ 

2.00     David Davies (McGill) 
‘One dogma of (aesthetic) empiricism’ 

3.00     Emily Williamson (CEU) 
‘Holism of Art: What Is Art as Art?’ 

4.00     Iris Vidmar Jovanović (Rijeka) 
‘On Literature and Ethics: Insights from Peter Lamarque’ 

5.00     Derek Matravers (Open) 
‘Should there be “a philosophy of fiction”?’ 

Reception and Conference Dinner

Day 2 – Thursday 6 July  

10.00 am  Filippo Contesi (Barcelona) 
‘Stylistic Appearances and Linguistic Diversity’ 

11.00   Alice Harberd (UCL) 
‘The Cognitive Value of Literary Themes’ 

12.00   Julian Dodd (Leeds) 
‘Not funny any more? Meaning, morality and Woody Allen’s Manhattan’ 

2.00     Emily Caddick Bourne (Manchester) 
‘Opacity, Interpretation and Fictional Worlds’ 

3.00     Christopher Earley (Warwick) 
‘On Timelessness and Topicality’ 

3.50     Anna Christina Ribeiro (Texas Tech) 
‘Thinking with Poetry’ 

4.50     Peter Lamarque (York) 
Closing Remarks – with Chair Greg Currie (York) 

5.30 pm     Conference close 

Organisers: Greg Currie and Eileen John

Conference Assistant: Angelos Sofocleous – for enquiries: angelos.sofocleous@york.ac.uk