Personal details
A. Please fill out your personal details
Enter the 4-digit order number on your 'membership confirmed' email from the BSA. Old membership numbers from OUP are no longer valid.

Project details
B. Amount requested (to the nearest £ Sterling)
C. Please provide a brief description of your event/project including the event/project title and date(s)
D. Please explain how your event or project relates to the BSA's mission
E. You may supply budgetary details in a separate document, emailed to If doing so, please indicate here.
F. Please indicate any other bodies/insititutions to which you have applied for funding for this event/project
G. Explain, in brief, how your project will follow the BPA/SWIP good practice guidance outlined.
H. Please confirm that your application conforms to all information on these pages, including the Guidelines document, and that you understand your application will be rejected, or any eventual award voided, if not.

Applications should be completed online here in conjunction with reference to our Guidelines document.

If you encounter problems, you may email your application to

The deadlines for applications are as follows:

  • 1 April (for a decision by mid-May)
  • 1 October (for a decision by mid-November)

Dates for notification of results are approximate. The Society strongly advises applicants to allow sufficient lead time when submitting applications, as it will not consider applications outside this cycle.

For further details of BSA grant funding click here