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Ethics, Museums and Archaeology

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2-3 April 2014

Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford

This AHRC-funded workshop, generously sponsored by the Ashmolean Museum, is organised within the framework of an AHRC-funded Research Network Group project on ‘The Ethics and Aesthetics of Archaeology’: https://www.dur.ac.uk/philosophy/research/research_projects/aes.eth.arch/

This wider project brings together philosophers, archaeologists and museum and heritage practitioners in order to focus on the relation between ethics and aesthetics, and explore how this relation shapes the understanding and practice of archaeological stewardship. The main premise underlying our multidisciplinary project is the idea that research into the ethics of stewardship (including moral obligations, duties and respect) will be enhanced significantly by an increased understanding of the role played by the aesthetic character of historical objects in influencing the moral relations we have with them and their makers.

The project is directed by Prof. Elisabeth Schellekens Dammann (Philosophy, Uppsala & Durham) and Dr Robin Skeates (Archaeology, Durham). They are assisted by Dr Andreas Pantazatos (Co-Director of the Centre for the Ethics of Cultural Heritage & Philosophy, Durham).

Keynote speaker

Prof. Ivan Gaskell (Bard Graduate Center, New York)

Other speakers

Dr Anna Bergqvist (Philosophy, MMU)

Dr Piotr Bienkowski (Culture, Heritage, Museums)

Sir Mark Jones (St. Cross College, Oxford University)

Dr Janet Marstine (Museum Studies, Leicester)

Dr Andreas Pantazatos (Philosophy, Durham)

Prof. Constantine Sandis (Philosophy, Oxford Brookes University)

Prof. Geoffrey Scarre (Philosophy, Durham)

Prof. Peter Stone (School of Arts and Cultures, Newcastle University)

Prof. Janet Ulph (Law, Leicester University)

Dr Susan Walker (Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford)

The workshop is open to all. It will be of particular interest to philosophers, archaeologists and museum/heritage practitioners.

If you would like to attend, we would be grateful if you would let us know, by sending an email to Elisabeth Schellekens Dammann elisabeth.schellekens@durham.ac.uk