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Crossmodal perception in the arts

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Casey O’Callaghan (Rice University)

February 20, 4-6pm, Centre for Philosophical Psychology, University of Antwerp,  Annex, Building R, Stadcampus, Antwerp

It is natural to divide the arts into two classes. The first are unimodal art forms, or those whose aesthetically relevant features are perceptible through one sense modality. Potential examples of unimodal art forms are visual arts and music. The second are multimodal art forms, or those whose aesthetically relevant features are perceptible through multiple sensory modalities. Examples of multimodal art forms are opera, movies, and dance. In this talk, I discuss what it could mean to be a unimodal or a multimodal art form. Then, I explore several distinct forms of multimodal perception which reveal aesthetically relevant features of works of art. Finally, I develop an argument based on crossmodal perceptual phenomena that there are no unimodal art forms.

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