St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, September 10 -12, 2004

Conference timetable

Stephen Davies

University of Auckland

Aesthetic Judgements and Functionality

Robert Hopkins

University of Sheffield

Imagination and Affect

Jenefer Robinson

University of Cincinnati

Expression in Music: Genuine Expression or Doggy Appearance?

Carolyn Wilde

University of Bristol

‘On Drawing an Object’, Richard Wollheim’s University College London Inaugural Lecture, 1964.




Julian Dodd

University of Manchester

Sounds, Instruments, and Works of Music

Berys Gaut

University of St. Andrews

Moral Beauty

Eran Guter

University of Haifa

Wittgenstein on Music and Knowledge

Andy Hamilton

University of Durham

The Art of Criticism: Vindicating an Aesthetic Conception against Elitism and Populism

Daniel A. Kaufman

Southwest Missouri State University

Three Constraints on the Philosophy of Art: A Question of Definition

Andy McGonigal

University of Leeds

The Autonomy of Aesthetic Judgement

Wendy Smith


Thinking About Seeing~In

Edward Winters

West Dean College

Imagination and the Pictorial Content of Pictures