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Conference: Aesthetic Emotions

August 22-23 Senate House, London

Funded by a British Society of Aesthetics Connections Grant


Organised by: Alex Grzankowski (Birkbeck) & Cain Todd (Lancaster)

This will be a 2-day event featuring 9 speakers representing the philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology, and aesthetics.


Invited Speakers:

Professor Carla Bagnoli, University of Modena

Professor Michael Brady, University of Glasgow

Associate Professor Amy Coplan, California State University

Dr Clare MacCumhaill, University of Durham

Professor Derek Matravers, Open University

Professor Agnes Moors, KU Leuven/Louvain

Dr Carolyn Price, Open University

Professor Jenefer Robinson, University of Cincinatti

Professor Fabrice Teroni, University of Geneva



There are manifest and important connections between emotional experience and aesthetic experience, particularly (though not only) evident in the appreciation of art.

And although those working on emotions have had an interest in aesthetic experience and those working on aesthetics have had an interest in emotion, much of the work on each side has proceeded in isolation from concerns on the other. Moreover, the most cutting edge researchers in the respective areas have had less contact than one might have hoped. We believe that, given the burgeoning of philosophical and psychological interest in emotions and other affective states, the time is ripe to revisit and foster deeper connections between philosophers of mind and psychologists working on the emotions and aestheticians working on our emotional engagement with art and nature.

Further details, including the website address and (free) registration page, will follow.

In the meantime, if you have further questions, please email either Alex Grzankowski (alex.grzankowski@gmail.com) or Cain Todd (c.todd@lancaster.ac.uk)