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Colloquium: The Aesthetics of Rhythm

Music Department, Palace Green, Durham University
28-29 June 2014

Andy Hamilton and Max Paddison are hosting a colloquium on “The Aesthetics of Rhythm”, as part of their project on this a neglected topic in aesthetics.  The project draws on philosophical aesthetics to broaden technical debates within disciplines into more conceptual areas of investigation concerning the nature of rhythm, both within the arts and more generally. We consider how bodily experience and natural rhythms inform rhythm in music, dance and poetry, and seek to identify general principles concerning our response to rhythm across the arts. We aim to explore how rhythm operates at all levels of artworks from micro to macro, and bears on issues of artistic form and space.

Participants are:
Philosophy: Garry Hagberg, Clare MacCumhaill, Matthew Nudds, Max Paddison, Louise Richardson, Peter Simons, Rachael Wiseman.
Music: Martin Clayton, Christopher Hasty, Peter Keller, Justin London, Deniz Peters, Michael Spitzer, Michael Tenzer.
Poetics: Jason Hall, Will Montgomery
Cognitive Sciences: Udo Will

This is a public event, sponsored by The British Society of Aesthetics and Durham University. Entrance is free; there is no registration, please just turn up.