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Coleridge and Contemplation

Kyoto, March 2015

The deadlines for this interdisciplinary conference in Philosophy and Literature have been pushed back to:

20th October, 2014: proposed talk title and 150-word abstracts
30th January, 2015: full papers (submitted papers can still be revised any time after this date)
27-29 March, 2015: conference

Visit the conference website for more details.

Philosophical presentations include:

Douglas Hedley: ‘Coleridge and Contemplation’
David E. Cooper: ‘Meditation on the Move: Walking and the Appreciation of Nature’
Andy Hamilton: ‘Coleridge, Mill, and Conservatism’
James Kirwan: ‘Aesthetics and Contemplation at the Start of the Nineteenth Century’
Joseph S. O’Leary: ‘Plotinus and Romantic Thinkers’
Jonathan Parker: ‘Contemplating Nature: Contrasting Modes of Contemplation in Environmental Aesthetics’
Peter Cheyne: ‘Cultivating Contemplation: Coleridgean of Idea in History’

There are also scheduled presentations in Literary Studies.