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CfP: Studies in Somaesthetics: Embodied Perspectives in Philosophy, the Arts and the Human Sciences 

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Studies in Somaesthetics: Embodied Perspectives in Philosophy, the Arts and the Human Sciences 

Edited by Richard Shusterman, Florida Atlantic University, USA

The editors of Brill’s Studies in Somaesthetics series invite submissions on the topic “Bodies in the Streets: Somaesthetics of City Life” for a forthcoming edited collection.

Cities are defined by their complex network of busy streets and the diverse multitudes of busy people that populate and animate those streets through their physical presence and bodily actions. The human bodies and movements we find in the streets often differ dramatically – the elegant flâneur or strolling window-shopper versus the homeless beggars who make the pavement their bed, the crowds who fill the streets in protest and the patrolling law-enforcement officers who police them. If cities are shaped by human  bodies, then those bodies are reciprocally shaped by the spaces, rhythms, and of knowledge of city life. What are the somaesthetic qualities of urban living, its affordances, and challenges (from better cultural and medical services to the cramped quarters and polluted air that many city dwellers must endure)? What are the somatic images of urban life? What paths or models of somaesthetic thinking can help us bring the rich diversity of city life into a more rewarding harmony that remains dynamically progressive?

We invite papers that address these questions from the perspectives of the visual arts, literature, urbanism, philosophy, cultural studies, sociology, anthropology, and the interdisciplinary field of somaesthetics.

Information about the serie

*Brill Studies in Somaesthetics* aims to publish monographs and anthologies of new research in the interdisciplinary field of somaesthetics. The field can be briefly defined as the critical study and meliorative cultivation of the soma as our medium of perceptual appreciation (aesthesis) and performance but also as the site of our expressive self-fashioning. Somaesthetics is, therefore, concerned with a wide diversity of knowledge forms, discourses, social practices and institutions, cultural traditions and values, and bodily disciplines that structure (or could improve) such somatic understanding and cultivation. It is not limited to one theoretical field, academic or professional vocabulary, cultural ideology, or particular set of bodily disciplines. Rather it aims to provide a more fruitful interaction and integration of the very diverse forms of somatic knowledge currently being practiced and pursued. The first book in the series is Aesthetic Experience and Somaesthetics http://www.brill.com/products/book/aesthetic-experience-and-somaesthetics

Information about abstract and paper submissions

Authors should submit a separate cover page indicating: author’s name, institutional affiliation, paper title, abstract of 250 words, word count, keywords, and contact information.
Abstracts due February 15, 2018

Papers should be between 6,000 and 8,000 words and prepared for blind review. They should also be prepared according to the publisher’s style guidelines as indicated on the Brill website.  http://www.brill.com/resources/authors/publishing-books-brill/edited-volumes
Final papers due July 1, 2018 All submissions should be sent to shuster1@fau.edu and robertwjonesii@me.com
Please put “Studies in Somaesthetics Submission: Bodies in the Streets” in the subject line.