» » CfP: Special Issue of Crítica on Food, Art and Philosophy

CfP: Special Issue of Crítica on Food, Art and Philosophy

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CFP: Special Issue of Crítica on Food, Art and Philosophy

Edited by Paloma Atencia-Linares (UNAM) and Aaron Meskin (Leeds)

Topics: aesthetics, cognitive science, philosophy of food, philosophy of mind, philosophy of perception

The philosophy of food is an emerging and distinctive area of philosophical enquiry, and much of the work in this area has been informed by philosophical aesthetics. In recent years, philosophers have found it especially productive to explore connections between aesthetics and the sciences and philosophy of the mind. This special issue of Crítica aims to bring together these two developments to explore what can be learned about food by approaching it from philosophical perspectives that are richly informed by our best aesthetic theories and our best theories of the mind.

Submissions on anything related to the general topic are welcome, but papers addressing any of the following topics are especially welcome:

art and food: cognitive connections
cognitive penetration in food and art
creativity in art, cooking, and eating
the role of the imagination in art and eating
art, food and representation
multi-sensory experiences of food and art
Although authors may feel free to address ethical issues, we are unlikely to publish a paper which focuses solely on ethical issues relating to food.

Crítica is an international open-access journal of philosophy edited by the Institute of Philosophical Research (National Autonomous University of Mexico). This special issue will include essays by Professor Mohan Matthen (Toronto), Professor Ophelia Deroy (LMU) and Dr Eileen John (Warwick).

We welcome submissions of papers in English or Spanish. Papers should not exceed 10,000 words and are to be submitted (Word, rtf or LaTex) as an email attachment to foodartandphilosophy@gmail.com by December 20, 2019. Please see below for full submission guidelines.

For further information about Crítica please visit http://critica.filosoficas.unam.mx/

For further information about the special issue contact Paloma Atencia-Linares and Aaron Meskin at this email address: foodartandphilosophy@gmail.com

Submission guidelines

Manuscripts must be sent electronically either in Word, rtf or LaTex format to foodartandphilosophy@gmail.com Manuscripts should be double-spaced in a legible typeface (12 points) including notes and bibliography. All the pages should be numbered consecutively, and text heads and subheads clearly distinguished. Submissions must not exceed 10 000 words.

Authors must send two electronic versions of their manuscripts. One should include the author’s name, title of contribution, e-mail address, postal address (including phone number); and a second version should be prepared for anonymous refereeing, where all references to the author including acknowledgements and bibliographical details are omitted. Both versions must include the title, an abstract (100 words maximum) and a list of five keywords not mentioned in the title. Whenever possible the latter should also be sent in Spanish.