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CFP: Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics on the work of Stephen Davies

The Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics invites high quality contributions for a special issue on the work of Professor Stephen Davies (University of Auckland) to be published in mid-2016.

The deadline for receipt of submission is: 15 February 2016.

We invite short and tightly argued critical articles concerning any aspect of Stephen Davies’s published works. Subject to peer-review, commentaries will be published in the special issue along with a response to the commentaries from Stephen Davies.

Stephen Davies has contributed to a range of debates in philosophical aesthetics including those concerning the definition of art, the expressiveness of music and, most recently, whether art serves an adaptive function. A list of his published work is available at http://philpapers.org/s/Stephen%20Davies

Naturally, we strongly encourage submissions from postgraduate philosophers, but we also welcome contributions from professional philosophers alike.

This is the first in what the PJA hopes will be a series of special issues on the work of senior aestheticians and their critics. The aims of this series are to offer a valuable forum for discussing influential philosophical arguments and ideas, create continuity between postgraduate and professional aestheticians, and nurture nascent talent in the postgraduate community.

Submissions should be accessible, concise, and of a standard commensurate to excellent postgraduate level work. They should be up to 3,500 words in length.


The Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal for high quality articles, interviews and book reviews in philosophical aesthetics. Published by the British Society of Aesthetics, it offers postgraduates and professional philosophers a space to exchange ideas, and is a valuable resource for anyone interested in aesthetics and the philosophy of art.

Following the publication of the Spring 2015 issue, the journal will be published biannually. Articles are invited from postgraduate students and professional philosophers alike on any topic in aesthetics. The journal wishes to encourage a wide construal of the study of aesthetics to include papers from analytic, continental or historical points of view. Articles should be of a standard commensurate with excellent postgraduate work. We also welcome book reviews of a similar length and proposals for interviews with senior philosophers of art.

Articles are accepted and assessed on a rolling basis, and will be published in the next available issue. Where articles require re-submission or revisions, articles may need to be published in a later issue.

The PJA operates a strict anonymous editorial procedure in order to increase fairness for those from groups currently underrepresented in philosophy. For more information about the journal, and to submit an article, visit the journal’s website.