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CFP: Art and Imagination

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2-3 April, 2016, San Francisco

Organised by the ArtSense Taste and Community project (Australian Research Council funded project)

Submission Deadline: 31st October 2015

This workshop is also sponsored by the American Society of Aesthetics; and hosted in part by the American Philosophical Association (Pacific Division).

The problem we will address concerns the limitations of our communicative capacity. This involves considering what Kant referred to as communities of varying magnitude (AK 5: 313-20); that is, the sub-cultures within a society. The workshop will analyze the way cultural artefacts acquire meaning and value as an example of the process by which communities establish shared terms of reference.

The organisers invite proposals for presentations of either 40 mins (+ 20 mins Q&A) or 30 mins (+ 15mins Q&A). There are 3-4 slots available. The proposal can be sent as either a full length paper (reading time 40 or 30 mins) or as a Power Point presentation with an attached 1,000 word summary. As far as possible (with the exception of artists who discuss their own work) prepare the proposal to be suitable for anonymous review.

Proposals should be sent to diane.stringer@adelaide.edu.au by 31st October 2015. Applicants are welcome from all relevant disciplines including (but not limited to) philosophy, visual art, art history, dance, film, creative writing, music, museology, and anthropology. Submissions from graduate students and early- career researchers are particularly welcome. A $1,000.00 travel grant is available (sponsored by the American Society of Aesthetics) for the best graduate student or untenured faculty submission by an ASA member.

Confirmed Speakers:
Jane Kneller: aesthetic judgment & ethics
Sean Cordeiro: perception through art
Mohan Matthen: aesthetic pleasure
Cynthia Freeland: contemporary art
Jenny McMahon: imagination
Ivan Gaskell: art and ethics
Nancy Sherman: dance
Paul Guyer: aesthetic judgment
Robert Sinnerbrink: film
Claire Healy: perception through art
Daniel von Sturmer: critique in the studio

This workshop is the first of two to be held in connection with the Australian Research Council funded ArtSense Taste and Community project. The project is directed by Associate Professor Jennifer A. McMahon, and the other researchers are Sean Cordeiro, Cynthia Freeland, Paul Guyer, Claire Healy, Mohan Matthen, Robert Sinnerbrink, and Daniel von Sturmer. The project aims to develop a framework for understanding the perception of meaning and value as a response to cultural artefacts. For more information visit here.

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