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CfP: Aesthetics and the Political Actions of Art

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Aesthetics and the Political Actions of Art
Estudios de Filosofía
No 58, june-december 2018
Philosophy journal

This thematic issue seeks contributions about the relationship between art and politics. We are particularly interested in articles that address questions such as: how to describe the relationship between art, public policies and cultural capital? How to conceptualize art’s practices as critical and transformative tools of society? Does the link between art and politics merely respond to the rhetoric strategy employed by the works of art? Opposition, subversion, the problematic relations among diverse artists, social actors, conventions, and socio-political systems, do they strengthen art’s critical capacity or do they deteriorate it? Politics are not only found outside art but also within it. Recently, artists’ creativity to reinvent their relations with institutions has become evident; as well as their construction of new methods for the circulation of their artworks, resistance, collaboration and struggle. This is well illustrated by the case of artists that have turned their lives into experimentation laboratories for the reinvention of life in community.

Estudios de Filosofía is the name of the journal published by the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Antioquia. It is an international peer-reviewed open-access electronic journal and adheres to the policy of double-blind peer review. Ordinarily, the journal is issued semiannually, notwithstanding that, in the opinion of the Editorial Board, extraordinary volumes could be issued. Since its foundation in 1990 Estudios de Filosofía is addressed to foster the creation and dissemination of research in all fields of philosophy, both of Colombian researchers as well as members of the international philosophical community. The institutionalization of the journal ensures its orientation of philosophical research at national level and strengthens a culture of communication, under the principle of respect for freedom of expression and research. This is a publication aimed at an audience of specialists in philosophy, but also to anyone interested in contemporary intellectual debate.

Extended Deadline: 16 January, 2018
Email: revistafilosofia@udea.edu.co
More information: https://goo.gl/Dy3j5p