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CFP: A Special Issue of The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism

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Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Issue: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?

Edited by Robert Stecker and Theodore Gracyk

Deadline for Submissions: 1 December 2016

As the American Society for Aesthetics and its official journal approach their seventy-fifth anniversary of their founding, it is fitting to dedicate an issue to this period in the history of aesthetics, as well as to its future. We invite articles for this special issue; submissions that develop applications of these broad themes are especially welcome:

• The Role of Its Own History in Aesthetics: Is philosophy of art governed by its history? Is ahistorical work credible?
• Aesthetics and the Sciences (e.g., aesthetics and psychology, aesthetics and brain science, aesthetic and evolution, experimental aesthetics)
• Art and Metaphysics (ontology of the arts, individuation of artworks, etc.)
• Conceptions of the Aesthetic (experience, properties, judgment, perception, appreciation, etc.)
• Aesthetic and Artistic Values
• Art and The Arts: What they are and how are they related?
• Criticism and Appreciation
• The relationship between Anglo-American and Continental Aesthetics
• Global Aesthetics

Articles submitted in the following areas must include a retrospective element, but they are strongly encouraged to articulate and defend a recommendation for a new research emphasis. Ideally, the retrospective element will examine the past 75 years.

• Art and Morality, Society, and Politics
• Representation and Meaning in the Arts
• Philosophy of the Arts: The Visual Arts, Music, Literature, Photography, Digital Art, etc.
• Neglected authors and ideas from the past the past seventy-five years
• Aesthetics and Contemporary Art

Submissions should not exceed 7,500 words and must comply with the general guidelines for submissions (see “Submissions” on the JAAC page on the American Society for Aesthetics website: www.aesthetics-online.org). Upload submissions to the JAAC online submission website, http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jaac, making sure they are identified as submissions for the special issue.

Please send queries to Robert Stecker (jaac@cmich.edu) or Theodore Gracyk (jaac@mnstate.edu)