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CFA: The Evidence of the Senses Summer School

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Summer School, “The Evidence of the Senses: Drama between the real and
the virtual”, University of Milan, Department of Cultural Heritage and
Environment, July 17–28, 2017

Summer School Director: Maddalena Mazzocut-Mis (University of Milan)

With its interdisciplinary and international expertise, the Department
of Cultural Heritage and Environment at the University of Milan
(http://eng.bac.unimi.it/ecm/home/department) is a centre of
excellence for research in aesthetics and its connection with the
scenic arts and the study of expressive movement and the body.

The members of the project team are currently involved in two European
Union research projects, whose Principal Investigator is Prof.
Maddalena Mazzocut-Mis: /Senses – The sensory theatre – New
transnational strategies for theatre audience building/
(http://www.sensesproject.eu/) and /Oblomov/ (website in
construction). Partner of the University of Milan for the Summer
School is /Centro Teatro Attivo/ (http://www.centroteatroattivo.it/),
a major international centre for training and research in theatre.

The summer school aims to provide an introduction to dramatic writing
to students enrolled in any arts, humanities or scientific
undergraduate programme. Stimulated by the contributions of scholars
in aesthetics and theatre, as well as of artists and experts of
sensory analysis, participants will be asked to use dramatic writing
to address the dissolution between the real and the virtual, and the
possibility for the senses to generate evidence and to be a vehicle
for different types of knowledge.

Participants will attend a series of lectures on aesthetics and the
philosophy of the senses, and take advantage of guided visits to
historical sites and contemporary venues, museums and theatres in
Milan. These activities will provide participants with the theoretical
tools and the creative inputs enabling them to reflect on the role of
the five senses in real and virtual artistic and dramatic experiences.
On this theme, they will work in groups with the final aim of
producing a short drama.

The School will comprise a total of *40 hours* (25 hours of classroom
activities and 15 hours of autonomous work). *All activities will be
conducted in English*.

Provisional programme of classroom activities:

_Week 1_
1st Day – Monday
Introduction: Senses and sensoriality in the history of aesthetics (1h)
Reading of materials in preparation of drama writing (1h30m)
Organization of working groups (1h30m)
2nd Day – Tuesday
Lecture: Senses and evidence in the arts and sciences (1h)
Drama writing under the supervision of tutors (2h30m)
Short discussion of group projects (30 minutes)
3rd Day – Wednesday
Lecture: Liveness and media in contemporary art (1h)
Drama writing under the supervision of tutors (2h30m)
Short discussion of group projects (30 minutes)

_Week 2_
4th Day – Wednesday
Lecture: Between distance and immersion, theatre and aesthetic experience (1h)
Drama writing under the supervision of tutors (2h30m)
Short discussion of group projects (30 minutes)
5th Day – Thursday
Drama writing under the supervision of tutors (2h45m)
Reading of first outputs (1h15m)
6th Day – Friday
Finalization of drama projects (2h30m)
Final reading and presentation of outputs (2h30m)

*Please send a letter of motivation (1,000 words maximum) and a
Curriculum Vitae by June 1, 2017 (if you need to apply for a Visa, the
deadline application is May 12, 2017) to: gs_school@unimi.it

Please note that the Summer School will accept a maximum of 20
students and will take place only if a minimum of 15 participants is

ECTS credits: *3 ECTS*

The participation fee to the Summer School is *1,350 EUR*.

For all information regarding the Summer School, please feel free to
contact the organizers at: gs_school@unimi.it