CfP: New Ontologies of Art, Rivista di Estetica

Call for Papers—Rivista di Estetica (1/2020) New Ontologies of Art Rivista di Estetica publishes thematic issues about philosophical topics. It is one of the oldest philosophical journals in Italy, established in 1960 as a quarterly journal about aesthetics and more … Read More

CFP: Towards a Digital Aesthetics, Studi di Estetica

CFP: Towards a Digital Aesthetics Studi di Estetica Deadline: September 1st, 2018 Computer systems take a very important role in the everyday life of a steadily growing number of people. Without exaggerating, we may say that human beings increasingly rely … Read More

CfP: Somaesthetics and Technology

Call for Papers: Somaesthetics and Technology While the digital technology spreads to almost all societal and private domains and arenas, the value of the living, sensing, feeling, acting, vibrant and intelligent body, that is, the soma itself becomes increasingly the … Read More

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