Kierkegaard and Narrative

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Over the past few years a conversation has emerged on the topic of Kierkegaard and narrative.  This year’s Søren Kierkegaard Society panel at the December 2014 APA Eastern Division Meeting in Philadelphia seeks submissions that engage this topic and advance … Read More

Art, Language, Poetry: From Kant to Heidegger

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University of Kent, 10-11 September 2014 Keynotes: Stephen Mulhall (Oxford) Tanja Staehler (Sussex) This is the first postgraduate conference on aesthetics, philosophy of poetry and language in the Post-Kantian tradition. It revisits a tradition in which aesthetics, philosophy of language … Read More

Aesthetic Normativity

University of Uppsala (Sweden), 10-11 October 2014 Call for papers (deadline 1 April 2014) Speakers: Simon Blackburn (Cambridge) Paul Guyer (Brown) Hannah Ginsborg (UC Berkeley) Peter Railton (Michigan) Jenefer Robinson (Cincinnati) Nick Zangwill (Hull) The normative force of aesthetic perception, … Read More

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