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Call for Editor-in-Chief: Estetika

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Estetika: The Central European Journal of Aesthetics invites applications for the post of Editor-in-Chief.

Originally a Czechoslovak academic journal of philosophical aesthetics and art studies (founded in 1964), Estetika was transformed into an international journal in 2006 with the mission of publishing research of high value by scholars working in the various strands of European aesthetic thought. In the past five years, Estetika was led by Fabian Dorsch under whose editorship the journal started forming its identity as a leading European journal of English-written philosophical aesthetics. Estetika has also been collaborating closely with the European Society for Aesthetics ever since its foundation in 2008. The journal has been recognised by recent listings in ERIH (INT-2/B), ERIH-Plus and ERA and is indexed by Scopus and the Web of Science, among others. Our present online distributors are CEEOL and EBSCO.

Estetika publishes two issues per year, one in March and one in September. For more information about the journal, please visit http://aesthetics.ff.cuni.cz.

A new editor-in-chief should be:
– enthusiastic about the project of a European journal of philosophical aesthetics
– broad-minded concerning the scope of aesthetics
– focused on maintaining high level of argumentative rigour
– willing to represent and promote Estetika internationally
– interested in developing Estetika’s vision and publishing policies
– sensitive to writings of scholars under-represented in philosophical journals.
Applicants should have a serious publication record; some editorial experience would be an advantage.

The advantages of working as an editor-in-chief of Estetika include:
– working with a well-coordinated international team of editors used to pursuing triple-blind peer-review policies, website management and print preparation of the journal
– working for a journal with a dense network of high-quality authors, referees and collaborators
– helping to form a healthy and tolerant environment for publishing philosophical aesthetics research in Europe.

The challenges of a new editor-in-chief will include:
– consolidating the journal’s long-term financial stability
– strengthening the journal’s position on the international scene
– developing the journal’s publishing strategy.

To apply, please send:
– your academic curriculum vitae
– a brief statement (1 200 words max.) outlining why you are interested in the position and – based on your editorial experience (if applicable) – what changes, improvements, and vision you would like to implement during your editorship.
Members of under-represented groups are especially encouraged to apply.

The application deadline is 31 January 2018. The new editor-in-chief will be selected by a Selection Committee consisting of Georg Bertram (FU Berlin), Diarmuid Costello (Warwick), Richard Eldridge (Swarthmore), Eileen John (Warwick), Zoltán Papp (ELTE Budapest / Estetika), Elisabeth Schellekens (Uppsala). The editor-in-chief will be announced in June, starting a transition period of 4 months during which the already submitted material will be processed and the successful candidate will gradually assume full responsibilities.

For any enquiries regarding the call and the position, do not hesitate to contact the journal’s Associate Editor Jakub Stejskal at aesthetics@ff.cuni.cz.