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ASA’s Virtual Aesthetics Festival

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The American Society for Aesthetics’ Virtual Aesthetics Festival continues with the following events:

Monday, June 15:5 pm Italy (CEST)/ 11 am New York (EDT)”The Aesthetic Values in the Living Experience:  From the House to the City” Presenter: Aurosa Alison, Politecnico di Milano, Naples, Italy 
Abstract:  In order to theorize the architectural practice of the project as an aesthetic opening phase, we must allow ourselves a reflection on our way of living space. In this study we would like to illustrate the aesthetic and phenomenological aspects of living, as the cognition of being in a sensitive world. In the western conception of living there is a correspondence between the outside and the inside. Our study wants to highlight the relationships between the intimate inhabited space that corresponds to the image of the house and the exterior space that corresponds to the image of the city. How do you live in an intimate space? How do we live in a collective and shared space?
For the complete paper and to sign up for the Zoom session, contact aurorarosa.alison@polimi.it. You will be sent the access information for Zoom the morning of the meeting to ensure security. 

Wednesday, June 24:5 pm London (BST) / 9 am (PDT)”Aesthetic Life & Why It Matters: Three Views (Panel)”Originally scheduled for the ASA Pacific program March 20Presenters:

  • Bence Nanay (Antwerp): “Aesthetic Experience as Achievement”
  • Nick Riggle (U of San Diego): “Aesthetic Lives: Individuality, Freedom, Community”
  • Dominic McIver Lopers (University of British Columbia): “Getting Into It: Ventures in Aesthetic Life”
  • Mary Beth Willard (Weber State): “Response”

Abstract: Aesthetic Life and Why It Matters is a slim book principally intended to fill a need for material in aesthetics suitable for teaching undergraduates in introductory philosophy courses. The book’s premise is that first-year students are especially aware of their own aesthetic interests at a time when they’re in rapid, self-directed flux. Nanay emphasizes how aesthetic life enriches our experience. Riggle emphasizes how aesthetic life allows us to cultivate our individuality in ways that form community. Lopes emphasizes how aesthetic life facilitates explorations of benign value diversity.
This is a pre-read conference on a book draft of ~22k words. To sign up, please write to dom.lopes@icloud.com for the zoom link and a PDF.

Wednesday, July 8: 9 am (PDT)
“Resist. Persist. Simone de Beauvoir’s Aesthetics of Creativity”
Presenter: Peg Brand Weiser (Arizona; Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis)
Originally scheduled for the ASA Pacific program March 20

Abstract: How free—in terms of aesthetic, ethical, and political options—is an artist to create? What might cause an artist to self-censor her creativity in light of conflicting notions of freedom? I look to the existentialist writing of twentieth century novelist and philosopher Simone de Beauvoir for a model of the role of freedom within the realm of artistic creativity that enables an artist to “face the truth” of injustice and oppression that can be adopted within contemporary “Resistance” movements worldwide. Two examples of controversial artists in the U.S. include Joel Peter-Witkin and Illma Gore.

To sign up, please write to mbweiser@email.arizona.edu for the zoom link and a PDF.