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Deadline March 1, 2015
2015 Annual Meeting
Saturday, November 14, 2015
Desoto Hilton, Savannah, GA
The ASA is happy to announce that we will mark the 25th anniversary of the Feminist Caucus (now organized by the Feminist Caucus Committee: FCC) at the annual meeting in Savannah, Georgia, from November 11-14, 2015. There will be a full day of Workshop Discussions, on Saturday, November 14, concurrent with regular program sessions, and followed by a celebratory reception.
Note: One may participate both in the regular programme and in the FCC workshops.
The FCC seeks volunteers to participate in Workshop Discussions consisting of a chair plus several speakers, each of whom presents 5-10 minutes of material to facilitate open and lively discussion among attendees. Workshop Discussions of the 25th anniversary of the FCC include will consist of three sessions:
(1) Forty Years of Feminist Scholarship (with Hilde Hein, Mary Wiseman; chair: Peg Brand)
-What stands out as the most significant contributions that feminist perspectives have developed?
-Is there earlier work, perhaps by women who were earlier members of the ASA, that might be precursors to feminist perspectives? Note past ASA presidents Katherine Gilbert (the first female president from 1946-1948) and Isabel Creed Hungerland (1965-1967). (See past issues of the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism)
-Additional participants welcome.

(2) The Influence – Hidden or Otherwise – of Feminist Scholarship (chair: Carolyn Korsmeyer)
(See for example http://www.aesthetics-online.org/feminist/)
-What kinds of influence has feminism had on traditional aesthetics, perhaps including recent topics like everyday aesthetics, environmental aesthetics, theories of emotion, images of motherhood and pregnancy, theories of cognition and perception, erotica and porn, film theory?
-Has feminist thinking failed to influence mainstream aesthetics in ways that it should have?
-Have activist groups like The Guerilla Girls, the WCA (Women’s Caucus for Art within the CAA, the College Art Association), and TFAP (The Feminist Art Project) impacted aesthetics?

(3) Feminist Pedagogy and Curricula in Aesthetics (chair: Ivan Gaskell)
-How does one successfully teach feminist challenges to mainstream aesthetic curricula that are sensitive to issues of gender, sexuality, race, and disability without jeopardizing the canon?
-What does it mean to say we live in a post-feminist (or post-post-feminist) age?
As with the regular ASA program, participation in the FCC sessions and reception requires both ASA membership and registration for the conference.
Please email a proposal for participation in a FCC Workshop Discussion to FCC Chair, Peg Brand at pb@indiana.edu. Deadline for receipt of submissions: March 1, 2015
*ASA FCC members include Carolyn Korsmeyer, Sarah Worth, Sheila Lintott, Summer Renault-Steele, Ivan Gaskell, Nils Stear, Julie Van Camp (ASA S-T), and Andrew Kania (2015 ASA Programme Chair).