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2017 Biennial Conference of the Royal Musical Association Music and Philosophy Study Group

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Department of Music and Department of Philosophy, King’s College London
13-14 July 2017
Registration closes June 30th

MPSG 2017

The conference is conceived as a hub of interaction where people can meet and discuss work informally as well as formally. As such, you are warmly welcome, regardless of whether you are presenting a paper.

The conference will feature:

Keynote addresses from Martha Feldman (University of Chicago) and Jerrold Levinson (University of Maryland)

Themed Sessions on the topics of:
Rethinking Collaborative Authorship through Music
Repetition, Repetition, Repetition
Musical Nonhumans
Feeling in Music and Sound: Atmosphere, Stimmung, Mood
Music in Video Games

Free Paper Sessions on the topics of:
Musical Materialisms
The Sublime and The Ineffable
New Light on German Romanticism
Gesture and Play
Sound and Silence
Musical Dwelling

Roundtable Sessions featuring responses to:
The work of Jean-Luc Nancy – with Julian Johnson, Naomi Waltham-Smith, and Jean-Luc Nancy (via pre-recorded video address)
Roger Scruton’s new book The Ring of Truth – with Paul Boghossian, John Deathridge, Andreas Dorschel, and Roger Scruton

Associates Sessions hosted by:
American Musicological Society Music and Philosophy Study Group (On Rancière)
Institute for Musical Research Critical Theory for Musicology Study Group (We’re All Philosophers Now)
Performance Philosophy Research Network (Performance-Cage-Philosophy)
Royal Musical Association LGBTQ Study Group (Listening to the Dead Voice)
Royal Musical Association Music and/as Process Study Group (Ephemeral Scores and the Work-Concept)
Society for Music Theory Music and Philosophy Interest Group (Rethinking the Language of Music Theory)
Tick Tock Performance (To Conduct is to Move)