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Workshop of the European Society for the Study of Emotions: Love and Time

Galilee, Israel, 8-10 March, 2015

Submission deadline: 9 January 2015

This interdisciplinary workshop will take place in Hacienda Forest View Hotel, Galilee, Israel, March, 8-10, 2015. We shall cover the costs of accommodation and meals of those whose abstracts will be accepted. We invite submissions of abstracts (up to 500 words) by 9/1/15. Notification of acceptance will be by 16/1/15.
The connection between love and time has always fascinated lovers: will their love continue forever? And if it does, will it be the same as it is now? Will the initial infatuation still leave traces in a few years? Will the wonderful feeling of not noticing how time passes be replaced by boredom in which time seems hardly to move?
We welcome abstracts on all aspects of the connection between love and time.
Here is a brief indication of some of the topics which may be discussed in the workshop:
(1) The temporal aspect in the experience of love; the duration of various types of romantic experiences.
(2) The way objective time relates to love, including the way the past and future of two persons bears on whether their relation can be said to be a love-relation.
(3) The way love relates to the subjective experience of time; for example, whether time is perceived to stand still or to pass quickly.
(4) Practical issues concerning love and time, for example: (a) love at first sight, (b) endless love and exclusivity, (c) love in a restless world and distant relationships, and (d) love in an ageing society and Alzheimer’s disease; can profound (endless, exclusive) love still function as our ideal today?
We welcome submissions to this interdisciplinary workshop from various areas of research.

Scientific Committee
Aaron Ben-Ze’ev (organizer), University of Haifa
Angelika Krebs, University of Basel
Edward Harcourt, Oxford University