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Women in Philosophy Conference Uppsala

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We are very happy to announce the program for our upcoming conference Women in Philosophy: Philosophy in Action to be held at Uppsala’s Museum Gustavianum on the 22nd- 23rd May.
 22nd May
9.30 – 10.45  Anne Eaton (Chicago) TBA
10.55- 11.40              Jessica Pepp (Umeå) “If we perceive things through words, then we perceive things through photographs”
 11.40 – 12.25            Ingvild Torsen (Oslo)  “Truth and Beauty: Two aspects of aesthetic normativity”
            Student Presentations: Aesthetics and Practical Philosophy
13.35- 14.20  Elisabeth Swartling (Uppsala) “The importance of aesthetic evaluation for the continued relevance of criticism”
  Maria Danielsen (UiT) “On the difference between a thing and a work of art”
  Jenny Fadranski (Berlin)“Why do we want to speak with Machines”
            Practical Philosophy
14.30 15.15   Maria Svedberg (Uppsala) “Consequentialism and Free Will: the Conditional Analysis Resuscitated”
 15.15 – 16.00 Dorna Behadi (Gothenburg) “Moral Norms and Responsibility Practices among Dogs, Wolves and other Canids”
 16.10 – 17.25            Helen Frowe (Stockholm) “Observation as Wrongdoing”
23rd May 
History of Philosophy
9.30 – 10.45   Kristin Sampson (Bergen) “Conceptions of Temporality”
 10.55- 11.40  Georgia Sermamoglou-Soulmaidi (Goettingen) “Socratic Intellectualism Revisited”
 11.40 – 12.25            Julie Walsch (Wellesley College) “Gabrielle Suchon, Freedom, and the Neutral Life”
Student Presentation: History of Philosophy and Theoretical Philosophy
13.35- 14.20   Tara Nanabezeideh (Uppsala) “The Ontological status of Perceptible Qualities in Plato’s Timaeus”
  Nemi Pelgrom (Uppsala) “Contradiction in Informal Mathematics”
  Hanna Kinnunen (Uppsala) “Sharing the world through Weilian Attention”
Theoretical Philosophy
14.30 15.15  Anna Sofia Maurin (Gothenburg) “Grounding & Explanation: it’s complicated”
15.15 – 16.00 Danielle Macbeth (Haverford College) “Reasoning in Minds and Machines”
 16.10 – 17.25   Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern) “Imperfect Epistemic Duties and the Duty to Object”
To take part there is no conference fee or registration required. Simply turn up!