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The Paradox of Precision

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Culture Studies, Colloquium Lecture
Prof. Simone Mahrenholz, University of Manitoba

The Paradox of Precision, or: The Logical Birth of Aesthetics from the Dead-End of Rationalism
The talk claims that we are entertaining conflicting ideas on what “precision” in judging and symbolizing is, without necessarily being aware of it. It further shows that the artists (e.g. painters) have been historically the prototypes of knowledge bearers of an important kind that differs from the one of logics and language. The presentation will attempt at describing some differences and relationships, thereby referring to G.W. Leibniz, Nelson Goodman and Th. W. Adorno.
Faculty Meetings Hall

Mitchelle Building 2208
March, 22nd, 18:00
9 Yeda Am, Ramat Gan, ISRAEL 5252626