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“Im Gerhin Lerm schlagen”: Kant on wit as an anthropological-aesthetic category

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Im Rahmen der Gastvortragsreihe “Philosophische Dimensionen des BegriffsObjektivität” lädt

Das Innovationszentrum Wissensforschung (IZW) / Berlin Center for Knowledge Research ein

zu einem Vortrag von Dr. Fernando Silva (Universität Lissabon):

“Im Gerhin Lerm schlagen”: Kant on wit as an anthropological-aesthetic category

Ort: Hauptgebäude TU Berlin

Raum: H 0106

Zeit: 18 Uhr c.t.

The central aim of this contribution is to portray Kant’s notion of “Witz” as it unfolds from his Lectures on Anthropology, in a decisive stage of his intellectual evolution (1772-1796). This aim is sub-divided into two parallel objectives: first, to sketch a brief history of the concept of “Witz”, thus showing how the “Witz” came to evolve from having a rational connotation to having an imaginative connotation, and how it came to be a pregnant philosophical issue, as well as an aesthetic principle. Secondly, to show how Kant read that singular course in the evolution of the “Witz”; how, in his view, “Witz” and power of judgment, imagination and intellectuality are indeed opposed, but also how there is a necessity to unite both opposing parts; a convergence which is not only advantageous for both parts, but serves a greater purpose: the one of an harmonious balance between inferior and superior faculties of the spirit, and thus between imagination and
understanding, even philosophy and poetry.


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