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Event: The Philosophy of Photography, Stour Space London

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The Philosophy of Photography: What are we looking at when we look at a photograph?

Wednesday, 6th JUNE 2018
5:30 – 7:00
Stour Space Mezzanine, 7 Roach Rd, London E3 2PA

This will the first of a series of talks co-delivered by an artist and philosopher, as part of the Aesthetics Club.

This session will be featuring:

-Tom Flynn (http://www.tflynn.com/) who works with photographic media and experiments with birefringence. Flynn will describe his process of making a photographic print that defies the traditional camera-to-object relation.


– Ines de Asis (U. Sussex & Stour Space artist) will give a brief description of a philosophical theory called Photographic Transparency as part of a short introduction to the Philosophy of Photography.

Their presentations will be followed by a discussion; and later, comestibles with the opening of a new exhibition from 7:00.

We invite anyone interested in Aesthetics in any capacity to join us, and entrance is free.

More details here:
and on the Stour Space website: http://www.stourspace.co.uk/