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Connecting with Others: Empathy, Sympathy, and the Imagination

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Connecting with Others:
Empathy, Sympathy, and the Imagination

Dates: Wednesday, 30 March, to Friday, 1 April 2016.
CCANESA Boardroom (Rm 480), Madsen Building (F09), University of Sydney

Organiser: Anik Waldow

Wednesday, 30th March:

9.00-9.15 Welcome

Understanding Other Minds/Ethics

9.15-10.05 Jeanette Kennett (Macquarie): “Empathy, Interpretation, and Psychopathology”

10.10-11.00 Neil Maclean (Sydney): “Breaking Down Empathy and Understanding Neurodiversity”

11.00-11.15 Coffee

11.15-12.05 Daniel Hutto (Wollongong): “Empathy: A Role for Narrative Engagement”

12.05-2.00 Lunch
2.00-2.40 Millicent Churcher (Sydney): “Recognition: A Role for the Sympathetic Imagination”
2.40-3.20 Damien Freeman: “Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous People: A Case Study in the Limits of Empathy for Politics”

3.20-3.35 Coffee

Sympathy in History

3.35-4.15 Juanita Ruys (Sydney): “Compassion that Defrauds: Medieval Reservations over Fellow-Feeling with Others”

4.15-4.55 Margaret Watkins (St Vincent College): “An Elegant Passion? Hume on Sympathy and Sex”

Thursday, 31th March:

9.15-9.55 Maarten Steenhagen (Antwerp): “Sympathy without the Mind”

9.55-10.35 Anik Waldow (Sydney): “Empathy and our Relation to the Past”

10.35-10.55 Coffee

10.55-11.35 Katherine Harloe (Reading): “In the wake of the Querelle: Sympathy and social concern in eighteenth-century dramatic theory”


11.35-12.15 Jennifer Milam (Sydney), “Feeling Sympathy and Viewing Art during the Eighteenth Century”

12.15-2.15 Lunch

2.15-3.00 Laura Kotevska (Sydney): “Aesthetic Morality and Moral Aesthetics: Adam Smith on Art and the Imagination”

3.00-3.45 Derek Matravers (Open University): “Empathy in Aesthetics: Then and Now”

3.45-4.00 Coffee

4.00-4.45 David Macarthur (Sydney): Aesthetic Intimacy

6.00 Conference Dinner (at Thai Riffic, 109 King Street, Newtown)

Friday, 1 April

Psychoanalysis and Anthropology

9.15-9.55 Russell Grigg (Deakin): “What Place does Empathy have in Psychoanalysis?”

9.55-10.35 Louise Braddock (Cambridge): “Why Psychoanalysts should avoid Empathy?”

10.35-10.55 Coffee

10.55-11.35 Louise Gyler (Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis): “The Violence of the Real and the Limits of Imagination”

11.35-12.15 Talia Morag (Sydney): “Communicating in Silence: The Case of Emotions”

12.15-12.55 Holly High (Sydney): Is recognition the new empathy?

End of Conference

Leverhulme Trust, British Academy
School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry, University of Sydney
ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions