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Co-ordinates of Aesthetics, Art and Culture

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European aesthetic thinking and artistic creation: sources, metamorphoses and their relevance

The intellectual and mental cohesion of European intellectuals, thinkers, researchers and artists winding through the cultural history of humanity has helped to form what we today label as the “Western” tradition in thought, the arts and culture. This is expressed by a certain measure of consistency, which was, especially for the first two millennia, a synonym of European thinking and education. With the discovery of the new world, the awareness of humanity expands also to America, and with the regrouping of intellectuals “Western” considerations, culture and art divide into the new intellectual traditions and coordinates. It is more boldly crystallized in the American and continental branch, since nearly the whole previous century we end up in a situation where American philosophy and aesthetics and non-European art obtain more and more dominance as inspiration or an independent object of research. The other decades of this and the past millennium in the end signal an imaginary regression of the significance of European thinking in global discourse and leave “realization fields” to so-called Eastern, that is “non-Western”, thought.

The aim of the third year of the conference Coordinates of aesthetics, art and culture is in the scope of the subject European aesthetic thought and artistic creation: sources, metamorphoses and their relevance to identify the particularities of European thinking, art, culture and discourse on it in the past and present form or in another perspective. The starting point of a so conceived thematic focus is the assumption that European culture as a whole, but also its individual national components, brings a special approach to the study of artistic phenomena and aesthetic facts. The focus of the third year is a return to the foundations of the aesthetics, art and culture, on which contemporary art and thinking builds and which document the individuality of European thinkers or artists. The ambitious intellectual content and discussion forum of the conference is to verify or possibly redefine the importance and continuity of the tradition of European thought, to name the singularity and originality and its standing in the coordinates of contemporary aesthetic and artistic creation.

Thematic circles:
 Aesthetics in Europe, Europe in aesthetics: genesis, lines and milestones of thinking.
 Aesthetics and art as imprints of the spirit of an age and of cultural-social shifts.
 Aesthetics and new media – the dynamic of changes as an accelerator of aesthetic thinking.
 European artistic expression in evolution: “classic” – “modern” – “postmodern”.
 Aesthetic constants and sources in the artistic creation of the European space.
 Developmental dynamic of European artistic expressions – creative arts, music, theatre and literature.
 European artistic centres and vectors of their mutual influences.
 Metamorphoses of artistic expressions in type and genre innovations as a consequence of diversification European cultural space.
 Popular culture as a component of the European space and its aesthetic and fine arts reflection

The abstract submission deadline is on 31st August 2017.

Registration send to e-mail : adrian.kvokacka@ff.unipo.sk

Please note that acceptation of your application will be sent to you by 10th September 2017.

Conference contributions will be published in a scholarly reviewed collection and in an academic journal on the basis assessment by the scholarly conference committee.

Scientific board of the conference:
prof. PhDr. Jana Sošková, CSc. (Faculty of Arts, University of Presov)
doc. PaedDr. Slávka Kopčáková, PhD. (Faculty of Arts, University of Presov)
doc. PhDr. Roman Dykast, CSc. (Faculty of Arts, Charles university)
prof. Wlodzimierz Szturc (Faculty of Polish studies, Jagellonian university in Krakow)
PhDr. Miron Pukan, PhD. (Faculty of Arts, University of Presov)
dr. hab Magdalena Gołaczyńska (Faculty of Philology, Wroclaw university)

Organizing committee of the conference:
Mgr. Adrián Kvokačka, PhD., Mgr. Lukáš Makky, PhD., Mgr. Eva Kušnírová, PhD., Mgr. Jana Migašová, PhD., Mgr. Lenka Bandurová, PhD., Mgr. Michal Hottmar, PhD., Mgr. Anna Juhaščiková

Conference fee: (40 €; Phd. students – 20 €) Please send your payment by 15.9. 2017

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IBAN: SK87 8180 0000 0070 0007 8205 SWIFT CODE: SPSRSKBA
Variable symbol: 101203
Bank contact: Štátna pokladnica Radlinského 32
810 05 Bratislava 15

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