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CfP: Parody, May 2019, Ascea

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CfP: Parody
May 24-27, 2019
Ascea, Italy

Parody is a familiar enough term, one commonly used. Writers on parody seem to suppose it applies mainly to the arts; but, while virtually absent in many fields (Sokal being an exception), it is certainly not only a category of style. It’s also considered a bright tool in humour’s arsenal. But in philosophy parody is a rare and neglected concept. Yet parody raises a host of questions, most of which lack precise answers. Some of these include:

1. What is parody’s exact difference from travesty, allegory, satire, farce, irony, pastiche, caricature, parable, allusion, etc.?
2. When does a paraphrase, an analogy or an imitation turn into a parody?
3. What are the conditions for a parody’s failure? Its success?
4. What is the value of parody? Does it produce insight? Or does it charm?
5. Are parodies arguments? Critiques? Do they exhibit the logic of the absurd?

This, the IXth International Wassard Elea Symposium, is dedicated to a thorough investigation of this common concept. We seek to engage philosophers and scholars in a conceptual analysis of what parody means and what its value or function might be. Historical papers or applied treatments of particular works will only be considered relevant insofar as they significantly advance philosophical explication of the concept.

Wassard Elea invites philosophers and scholars to submit papers on the topic of this year’s theme. Sessions of 90 min. include speaker, commentator and open discussion (40/20/30). Participants whose papers are accepted are expected to also prepare a commentary on another presenter’s paper at the meeting. All suitable contributions are published in our journal, Wassard Elea Rivista (indexed in the Italian National Bibliography).

Inquiries are welcome. Full papers (format: word) should be sent directly to: Prof. Lars Aagaard-Mogensen, Italy: <wassardelea@gmail.com> or Prof. Jane Forsey, University of Winnipeg, Canada: <j.forsey@uwinnipeg.ca.

Deadline for submissions: March 1, 2019.

Registration fee: 10 €. Information about accommodations and details of the conference venue will be posted in due course.