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CFP: Feast

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Feast is seeking submissions for its inaugural online edition launching winter 2015

Beginning a series of responses to Setting the Table the first online edition of Feast takes the theme of cutlery. We are currently seeking contributions that broadly and creatively explore associations, uses and histories of cutlery: from cutlery as a tool for eating, to histories of etiquette and varied representations of the form in contemporary film, literature and art. We are particularly interested in creative interpretations of the theme from cutlery as a tools for eating – for example, knives, forks and spoons, alongside servingware such as ladles, carving knives and sugar tongs to a lack or absence of cutlery replacing the formal tools of eating with objects such as shells, cones, cocktail sticks or simply fingers, tongues and mouths.

Please visit the journal homepage for further information on the theme and guidelines on how to submit work for consideration.

Deadline for submissions – August 24th 5pm.

Further information on FEAST:

FEAST is a publication project assembling writings that explore our relationship with food as a social event, a marker of identity, a product of history and a commodity for trade. The publications combine articles on contemporary arts practices with recipes, food histories and literary narratives in an eclectic mix that serves to explore, highlight and question the varied roles food and its associated practices hold within our everyday. To date three printed editions of publication have been distributed, taking the themes of indulgence, digestion and waste.

Having worked its way through the body FEAST is developing into an online peer-reviewed journal launching in winter 2015. The online content will thematically investigate the setting of the table. Taking the table to be any surface upon which a meal is placed for consumption: from kitchen worktops, to formal dinning tables, canteen trays to TV dinners and picnic blankets. Exploring the utensils, tools and accessories accompanying each meal – from teaspoons, to napkins, side plates to soup bowls, the journal will thematically lay the table in a series of digital editions.